Not a mani/petti weekend!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

My wife said that planning our anniversary weekend was completely on my shoulders to plan. I chose rafting, which was a first for me, second time for her.

Couldn't have been better - cabin was "cozy", high water release @ 8100 cfs and flipping the boat on Maytag was killer! Dave Q., our rafting guide was great! Octoberfest on tap was very refreshing - as I had many refills!

The combo of the professional and very fun guides, facility, and brewpub will bring us back again next year. Already recruiting friends to mark their calendars for the same.

Casco, Maine

Rating: 5 *****

Kennebec River Anniversary Trip


Tuesday, October 22, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

Our family of 6 (aged 8 - 50+) were given Dave as a guide when we were bussed to the dam. I stayed with the 8 yr old and we were taken 6 miles down river to meet up with the rest of the group. The rest of the family got to meet Big Momma and her sisters and went swimming in the river (on Sept 28th!)

They picked us up and we crossed the river where the guides serve up some GORP and some delicious BBQ (and a couple of grilled cheese for one of the kids). After the cleanup, we all got back in the rafts and headed down the river through a few more rapids. When the river calmed down a little, the guides let the kids get in the attached kayaks and they paddled their way down the river beside us.

The whole family had a great time (even though two of us aren't outdoorsey people). Dave was great with the kids as well as the adults and shared a lot of Info about the area.

I would recommend this trip with Northern Outdoors to anyone. In fact, my husband (who was working in the area) intended to go back the next weekend to do another river, but he was sent to another job site before he got a chance to.

Thanks for the great experience.

Raeann K
Tignish, Prince Edward Island

Rating: 5 *****

Family Rafting Adventure in Maine


Rafting, Beer, & Camping

Saturday, October 12, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

Booked this as a surprise 30th b-day celebration for my husband, and it exceeded both of our expectations! The setup of the lodge, camping, and food makes it so easy to never leave and actually enjoy your time! Our guide "downtown peter brown" was super, we hit everything on our trip down the river and had a blast.

The pairing of our boat was SUPER, we met some awesome other couples that we still keep in touch with! My husband was especially into the River Pub BEER :)

Thank you Northern Outdoors, we have and will continue to recommend you to our friends!

Cambridge, Vermont

Rating: 5 *****

Birthday whitewater rafting surprise


Friday, October 11, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

Our daughter's wedding was catered, managed and held at Northern Outdoors / Maine Lakeside Cabins. The location is beautiful, the food was wonderful. Many at the wedding reported that this was the best food they had at the wedding. (Seafood sauté station)

The staff working with us did everything possible to make it a memorable day for everyone who attended. Many of us stayed for multiple nights at the cabins and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings. I would highly recommend this location to anyone planning a wedding.

Downingtown, PA

Rating: 5 *****

Maine Adventure Weddings

Perfect getaway!!!

Friday, October 11, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

This trip made up for my summer spent working. Rented ATV's from Brian on Friday and enjoyed the whole day out on the trails getting muddy,and enjoying the awesome foliage .

Back at Northern Outdoors the guys enjoyed great food and brews to relax a little before hitting the last release on the Dead on Saturday.The river and our awesome guide Blaise made the trip worth every penny.....Cant wait for next year to do it all again.. You guys ROCK...

Mark R
Walpole, MA

Rating: 5 *****

Ride and Raft -Maine ATV and rafting getaway weekend

The Wonderful World of White Water Rafting

Monday, September 9, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

We arrived at Northern Outdoors after spending a few days on Deer Isle. It was a great few days but we were ready to kick it up and have some thrills and excitement! We had a pleasant evening at your lodge with excellent food and some great beer! Later, off to sleep we went in your very quaint cabin for two. I believe we were the oldest couple there (old being in our 50's), but we were looking to "capture happiness" and we captured it just perfectly with our day on the river! The river was a THRILL, the beach side lunch was perfect, and our raft guide, Rachel, was awesome! Need I say more? We will be back next year but will do the Penobscot instead.

The only thing I would suggest,is making it clear to tip the guides. You don't go on the river with money so I would think most people would walk away at the end without tipping them. I think they do an outstanding job and deserve to be acknowledged. We happened to see our guide working in the lodge that night so we were able to tip her. I just think they don't get as much as they deserve.

Karen P
Bernardston, MA

Rating: 5 *****

Maine Rafting Adventure

Elliot Is Awesome!!!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

I took the company and their family members on a trip River Rafting on the Kennebec this past Friday. While my group was on two separate rafts. My family, rode with Elliot. I just wanted to say that Elliot made the day! Extremely knowledgeable about the river and all the fun history facts associated with it. He placed my daughter right next to him and provided her with some extra dry pants after her swim in the Kennebec.

When I look back at the photos, which I just ordered, my daughter has a smile from ear to ear. I just wanted to thank Northern Outdoors for this great trip and definitely give a special shout out to Elliot who was awesome!!!

See you next year when I bring us all back again!!!

Paul VB
Sidney, Maine

Rating: 5 *****

Maine Company Rafting Trip

Fabulously Fun Family Vacation

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

Who knew you could have so much fun in the middle of no where! Our family trip included 10 of us ranging in age from 11 to 60 something. So yes, we used the princess seat. Some of us have never been rafting, others were well experienced. On top of the weather being absolutely beautiful, everything else was perfect too! From Seamus our guide, to the lunch (OMG, the steak was unexpected, and delicious), to all the fun....paddling, swimming, laughing, and just enjoying the beauty of the landscape and day.

Can't wait to return next year.

Barbara P
Hadley, Massachusetts

Rating: 5 *****

Fabulous Maine Family Rafting Vacation

What a time

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

This is absolutely at the top of my list as a great trip. I've been to a lot of resorts, Disney, golf trips, etc. and the staff here is the greatest. The way you are treated can make or break your vacation and the staff at Northern Outdoors were outstanding.

The guides on the river really made this a most enjoyable trip. We all cannot wait to come back next year or sooner.

Vincent P
Middletown, Rhode Island

Rating: 5 *****

Why you should choose Northern Outdoors

Girls Trip

Monday, August 19, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

Let me start by saying, I wish I would have known what a great time we were going to have because I would've booked two nights just to enjoy the lodging amenities. We only stayed one night because we just needed a place to lay our heads before heading out the next day on an adventure not associated with N.O.

We stayed in the Logdominium and we were sooooo impressed, 5 of us girls stayed comfortably but didn't really make use of most of the space. We did have a great time at the bar, what great area. Love the hot tub being right in the middle of all the fun, the openness from inside to outside party area is awesome. I have already recommended this place to a bunch of friends. I hope I get to return to enjoy an outing with the company...

For what it's worth I liked seeing my name on the welcome board, not a big deal but sometimes it's all the small things that make a difference. (Ages 30-50)

Samantha Z
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Rating: 5 *****

The Forks Resort Center, Maine

One of our best family vacations EVER !

Sunday, August 18, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

We vacationed Friday to Monday and stayed in the Baxter lakeside house. What a beautiful location. The owners at the lodge were so friendly !!! We rented their kayaks for the day on Saturday which was so awesome ! Sunday we white water rafted.What a BLAST !! My sister' family and mine were so comfortable in the house which had a great loft and 2 bedrooms. Ages of the 4 kids were 21-15. NO CELL SERVICE so kids actually interacted and had great family fun.(they do have Wi Fi at the lodge though)They had a great sand volley ball court by the lakeside lodge as well as horseshoes.

We ran out of time to do everything that was available to us ( pontoon boat, canoes and ATV's!!!

We are definitely going back next year and will be adding at least 2 more days to the trip. My youngest son keeps saying " I wish we were in Maine "

Denise B
Holliston, MA

Rating: 5 *****

Maine Lakeside Cabins

Maine Family Adventure Vacation

Escape From the Hustle and Bustle

Thursday, August 15, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

I have already recommended Northern Outdoors as a vacation destination for my Florida friends. It was fantastic to get out of the traffic and heat!

The rafting, fishing and hiking were top notch. I was really impressed with the food at the lodge and the freshly brewed beer was fantastic!

Lauren K
Sarasota, FL

Rating: 5 *****

Maine Adventure Vacation Destination

Daddy/Daughter Kennebec Adventure

Sunday, August 11, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

After 8 previous trips with Northern Outdoors with "the guys", we decided to change things up a bit and bring our daughters. So, on August 1, we drove up to the Forks with 5 of our 11-16 year olds for a new adventure.

Arrived at the lodge around 4:00 and while the girls did some campground sightseeing the dads hung out at the bar and indulged in a little blueberry. We unpacked, settled in, did a little swimming and came up for dinner in the restaurant, where we had a great night-before feast. We had a little more blueberry (for the dads) and went back to our fantastic cabin for the night. We got things ready for the next morning and hit the sack before 11:00.

6:00 came early on Friday morning and after a little extra nudging the girls were out of bed, packed the car and went up for the breakfast buffet before our Kennebec adventure. Aside from having sleep in their eyes, they did seem a little anxious/nervous but after a good breakfast and a bumpy ride to the dam, they loosened up a bit...until they saw the trek down the stairs, with the raft and the river below :) I failed to mentioned that it had been pouring since the night before and we we all soaked even before we hit the river. So, the chill had set in.

One of the things I have done over the years is to request a guide when I book and have been very fortunate to have someone I had requested. This time we asked for Dawn as I know she is a darn good guide and have seen her interact with her guests. I thought it would be great for our girls to be lead by a strong, confident female guide. She did not let us down. She showed up and introduced herself and looked at the girls who looked like wet, cold drowned rats already. She then pulled out a dry-bag and introduced a few of them to some wool leggings, gloves and hats for those interested. All of a sudden, their faces brightened and they were ready to go... so much for the "dads" knowing what specific clothing would be good for them. We tried and Dawn helped us succeed.

Needless to say, our raft of 8 was filled with loud shrieks of fear and excitement on the first few hits, but as soon as we hit Big Mamma and a few girls went tumbling around the raft, they were awakened, if not already, for the rest of the day. In fact, their confidence grew to a such a high level that moved most of them to the front of the raft and taking the remainder of the hits, including Magic Falls from the front, while the dads "paddled" hard from the back. This confidense was awesome to see and Dawn is a HUGE reason for this change due to her great personality, coaching and leading abilities. In fact, we realized very soon, we should just sit back (paddle harder than normal :)) and let Dawn do her thing with the girls. By the time the gorge area was complete the girls were ready to "be dumped". We had a little swim through the smaller rapids, fooled around on the "duckies" and ended the trip with the sun coming out and drying us up before he headed back to the lodge for lunch.

All in all, another fantastic trip (this makes 9 now). The girls have a new found respect for the trip the dads go on annually and want to go and do them now too. Onto the Dead in 2014 for the girls and the dads will hit the Kennebec Turbine Test again - maybe this time we wont flip on Maytag :)

Thanks again to the reservation staff, restaurant/bar staff, housekeeping and to our guide DAWN for a great trip. You have hooked another 5 guests and these girls will be back again!!!


Kevin L
Pelham, NH

Rating: 5 *****

Father / Daughter Rafting in Maine

Family Bonding

Sunday, August 11, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

My husband and I took 6 adult children between the ages of 20 and 27 white water rafting on the Kennebec River. We all had a great time. Each and every one of us enjoyed this experience and want to sign up again for next year. We may even try the Penobscot. We were very lucky to have Seamus as our guide. He was excellent and made our trip extra special! We will request Seamus again.

I can't say enough positive comments concerning this adventure. We are still thinking about it and it continues to make all of us smile!!

Wioncek Family
Beverly, MA

Rating: 5 *****

Whitewater Rafting on the Kennebec River

great father and son rafting vacation

Friday, August 2, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

This was a father-son rafting vacation trip with 3 dads around 50 years old and 3 sons about 16 years. We were pleasantly surprised by the great food (and beer for dads). We lucked out with ideal weather on the day of our first rafting trip and while we planned to spend two more days and one more night, foul weather moved in and N.O. was quite generous in allowing us to cancel and refund our remaining night, so we could hit the road with the kids.

In terms of the rafting trip it was absolutely perfect down to the smallest detail. Seamus was our raft river guide and he was the consummate expert and assured for safe, informative, and exhilarating father-son adventure. I just can't imagine any outfit doing it any better-- there just wasn't any room for improvement.

You are THE professionals on the Kennebec River and it showed. Thanks!

Jay B
Bogota, Colombia

Rating: 5 *****

Father and son rafting adventures

Highlight of our Maine vacation

Thursday, August 1, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

We had an amazing time white water rafting. Northern Outdoors is a TOP NOTCH company in every way. We had a group of five, including a 10 years old and 63 year old. It was such a great time! Our 10 year old girl was pretty nervous on rafting day but our guide was AMAZING. Emily took Allie under her arm immediately and put her completely at ease! It was such a wonderful day for start to finish.

We will definitely return and will spend a minimum of 2 nights at the lodge.

Thanks for being the highlight of our family's entire 2 week trip to Maine!

Sarah L
Edwardsville, Illinois

Rating: 5 *****

Maine family vacation


My rafting adventure

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

I've heard of "southern hospitality" But was never aware Of "northern hospitality". I was very fearful about this adventure and my expectations were very mixed. On our first night there we had the good fortune to meet the bartender Ryan and from there my opinion changed. Thankfully ryan was our rafting guide and was professional knowledgable and respected my fears. He made the experience so much better than I anticipated . He was very protective and just an all around great guy and nothing short of outstanding.

I found the staff to be well trained and professional also . Dawn was aware of my fear and was so kind by asking me how I was doing as we were going down the river. Just that small gesture of kindness and concern made me realize what a great bunch of people are working for this organization. Our accomodations were clean and food was good. I would definately recommend this resort and hopefully will be returning.

Once again please tell Ryan thank you!!!

May D

Melrose, Massachusetts

Rating: 5 *****

Northern Outdoors Rafting

15th Year Rafting with Northern Outdoors

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

This was my 15th year rafting with Northern, and there must be something that you guys are doing right whether it is the Awesome guides or just the relaxation of being on the river you guys rock, every year I come it gets better and better and every new person I bring says the same thing "I cant wait to come back".

Thanks again
John Okeefe

John O
Quincy, Massachusetts

Rating: 5 *****

Whitewater rafting in Maine

Family Rafting Trip

Monday, July 29, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

I went on a Family vacation (first one in about 10 years) with my parents and siblings this past weekend. I had previously rafted the Kennebec with Northern Outdoors for my bachelorette party and loved it.

We stayed in one of the cabins (Moose Maple I think it was called) and the cabin was very clean and easily accommodated our group of 8 with room to spare.

The rafting was fantastic. Our guide, Shamus (I am not sure of the spelling here, so if I got it wrong I apologize!), was equal parts knowledgeable and entertaining. I would highly recommend Shamus to any other group, especially if that group had some nervous first time rafters. As with my last trip with Northern Outdoors, the whole cast and crew was fantastic, witty, amusing and knowledgeable.

The resort was great. We played volleyball in the pool, played corn hole and enjoyed some blueberry beer. I bought a growler of your summer ale to take home to my husband and he said he really enjoyed it.

Thanks for a great trip!

Mary G
Rowley, Massachusetts

Rating: 5 *****

Family Rafting in Maine


Wednesday, July 24, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

This past weekend 7 other friends and myself all came up to camp and go white water rafter. We knew we were going to have fun, but the trip and experience far exceeded every expectation we had! The brewery and pool was a great way to spend our Saturday and get ready for a day of rafting on Sunday. Our guide, Elliot was so friendly and knowledgeable (not to mention SO cute as well haha) and really made our experience memorable!

We rafted the Kennebec, and are already planning our next trip up there (to hopefully raft the Dead river).

Boston, Massachusetts

Rating: 5 *****

Whitewater Rafting and Camping in Maine