The Forks Area ATV Trails Report

Thursday, June 6, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Staff

The Forks Area ATV Trails maintained by the Lake Moxie ATV Club and the spur trail to Northern Outdoors are open.

As you know weather and trail conditions can change in a heartbeat. This update is accurate as of the published date. In the meantime please feel free to  check out our ATV Trails and Resort blog

We spent the last couple days out riding with some of the guides and staff from Northern Outdoors and had a blast. The trail system is well signed, thanks to Lance and his crew at Lake Moxie ATV Riders. Probably the best it has ever been. We rode into West Forks, and had a great lunch at 15 Mile Stream Lodge and Outfitters. Like always, Rachel’s food was a hit. The trails are drying up nicely after all the recent rain, although it looks as if we’ll see more precipitation over the weekend.

Trail Info:

MATS 115 in West Forks, between The Marshall’s and the Moxie Pond Rd. access route there is a large mud hole. If you just have to go through it, the best lines are to the left (really deep) or right (not as deep and more solid). The center is nothing but large rocks, found them with the RZR the other day. There is also a trail around it to the right which reconnects to the main trail after the big mud hole.

Also, between the cell tower and 15 Mile Stream Lodge Outfitters there is active logging and trucking in the area. Use caution and please stop and wait for them to signal to you to go before riding through their work area.  

MATS 113 to Greenville is also in great shape and really well signed. The section north off the Brochu Rd. is a really good ride and has some interesting terrain variations to keep it fun.  Its about a 70 Mile round trip from The Forks, to Greenville and back.  Lake Moxie ATV Riders did a lot of work on the section of trail between the Boise Crossover Rd. and the Troutdale Rd. and the trail is in really good shape.

I’m hoping to check out North of 15 Mile, Johnson Mountain area to Jackman and maybe from the Shirley Tote Rd. intersection on MATS113 south to Bingham later this week and should have some info for you at the start of next week.

Brian Crater,
Backcountry Expeditions, LLC

A Note of Thanks.

We are very fortunate to have landowners who allow ATV trails on their property. Please respect their wishes and NEVER RIDE YOUR ATV OFF THE DESIGNATED TRAIL. REMEMBER TREAD LIGHTLY.

Northern Outdoors Has Brand New Polaris ATV/UTV Rentals!

Thursday, May 23, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Staff

Did you know Maine has over 6,500 Miles of ATV / UTV / OHV Trails to Explore?Maine ATV, ATV Rentals, Northern Outdoors

Trails are OPEN and new Polaris ATV/UTVs are available to rent daily. 

You want direct access to those trails? We've got it! Direct ATV trail access from Northern Outdoors opens up literally thousands of miles of great riding for ATV enthusiasts. We are a complete Adventure Resort ideally suited for motorized recreation. ATV and UTV riders will find:

  • On-site fuel sales, micro brewery, cabin rentals, riverside camping, swimming pool, and more!
  • Plenty of on-site parking for trucks and trailers - including a large area at the main lodge set aside for ATVers
  • On-site hose to wash down your ATV or UTV 
  • Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort is conveniently located right on The Old Canada Road - National Scenic Byway between the Maine Coast and Quebec, Canada. 

While this may all sound ideal, listen to what folks who came riding with us last year have to say!

Northern Outdoors ATV Rentals, Maine ATV, Maine ATV Trails

New For This Season: ATV / UTV Polaris Rental Fleet

We are excited to make our new Polaris ATVs and Polaris UTVs (RZR side-by-side) available for full day rentals at Northern Outdoors this season! We are partnering with Backcountry Expeditions, our local ATV/UTV rental and guide outfitter to make these available onsite at Northern Outdoors. Backcountry Expeditions offers guided and self-guided tours all season long.

Reserve your ATV early, as limited supplies WILL sell out. This is prime ATV country with amazing trails, scenery, and hospitality. 

Click here for more information and to book your adventure online today!

The age old saying is "know before you go" so for the latest ATV trail info, call us at 800-765-7238 or check out



2012 Maine Whitetail Deer Harvest Up 13% - Means Good Hunting For 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Staff

The MDIWF (State of Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife) reports that the 2012 Maine whitetail deer season ended with a total harvest of 21,365 deer, representing an increase of 13% over the 2011 harvest of 18,839. Increases in the harvest were seen in all wildlife management districts. The highlight of the 2012 season, and testament to the recovering deer numbers, was the jump in the overall harvest of bucks between 2011 and 2012. A total of 15,271 adult bucks were harvested in Maine this past season, representing an increase of 2,473 deer over the 2011 season (i.e., 19% increase). Indeed, the overall buck harvest increased within all 29 Wildlife Management Districts (WMDs).

The health of the deer herd is good news for Maine’s hunting community, and it's good for hunting outfitters too. At Northern outdoors, we are pround of our 40 year tradition of Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting and are pleased to showcase our expanded commitment to hunting and fishing through a newly launched, mobile-friendly website, at In addition to Trophy Buck Hunting, we are also excited to introduce this year custom bird & small game hunts and, moose hunting.   The new website features information on all Maine’s hunting seasons, Whitetail Deer, Moose, Bird, and Small Game, as well as information on bass, trout, & landlocked salmon fishing seasons. All inclusive professionally guided deer hunt packages start at $1050 for a week, $600 for 3 day hunts.

Jim Yearwood, Vice President noted “This past winter did not stress the deer population significantly, we believe this only supports the continued growth of Maine’s deer population in 2013. It's great news for sportsmen planning to hunt in Maine.”

About Northern Outdoors:

Established in 1976, Northern Outdoors has a 40-year tradition of Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting from its lodge in The Forks. Northern Outdoors is a four-season adventure resort and winner of Yankee Magazine's 2011 Best New England Adventures Award. In addition to hunting and fishing, Northern Outdoors offers whitewater rafting, hiking, and ATV rentals in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter. The resort includes private cabins, riverside camping, and the Kennebec River Brewery, featured on the Maine Beer Trail. Northern Outdoors is located 2.5 hours from Portland Maine, 2.5 hours from Quebec City, Canada, and 4 hours from Boston, on Route 201, The Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway.

Maine ATV Trails and Resort: Rail Trail Riding Best Bet For Now

Friday, May 27, 2011 by Northern Outdoors Staff
Maine ATV Trails and Resort - Northern OutdoorsMaine adventure vacations come in all shapes and sizes, and many folks that come to Northern Outdoors get here by ATV (all terrain vehicle).  We love it!  But due to the fragile nature of the trails this time of year, the connector trails leading to our Maine ATV trails and resort are closed for another several weeks or so.  The ground is still pretty muddy and wet behind our lodge, and we need a bit more time for the trails to dry.

We understand you still want to ride though cause we do too!  For the time being, our recommendation is to stick to more durable surfaces such as rail trail riding.  A rail trail is characterized as a disused railway that has been converted into a multi-use trail.  The good thing is that Maine's ATV rail trails tend to be flat, long and frequently running through historical areas.

If you plan to experience our Maine ATV trails and resort in the next few weeks, here's our rail trail recommendation:

After arriving at Northern Outdoors, trailer to the Moxie Lake Boat Landing and head to Greenville.  This is an old rail line!  Go straight down the Shirley Tote road and into Shirley.  Then take the railroad bed into Greenville Junction.

The age old saying is "know before you go" so for the latest ATV trail info, just give us a call or check out .

Maine ATV Trails and Resort
Maine Adventure Vacations
ATV Maine


Maine Snowmobile Clubs Tread Lightly! for Open Access

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 by Northern Outdoors Staff
Tread LightlyThose who love Maine Snowmobile riding and the Maine ATV Trails and resort settings offered along the trail systems, are probably familiar with Tread Lightly!  For those who are not, the Tread Lightly! was program begun in 1985 by the United States Forest Service.  The goal of the program was "to encourage off highway vehicle (OHV) users to conduct themselves on National Forest Land in a way that minimizes trail, and more importantly, off-trail damage." (Tread Lightly!® In Maine - article by Steve Salisbury)

Currently, Tread Lightly! is operated as a non-profit which encourages training and responsibility with its 5 TREAD pledge (Yes TREAD actually equates to more than walking!)  In this case TREAD means: Travel responsibly, Respect the rights of others, Educate yourself, Avoid sensitive areas and Do your part.

Not bad advice for anyone travelling anywhere, but, in this case, Tread Lightly!'s work is specific to people who enjoy the outdoors in mechanized vehicles, i.e. trucks, powerboats, jet skis, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.  The organization offers a variety of educational and certification progams to encourage TREAD princples and to help OHVs users preserve and conserve the land so they can have long-term use of it for their activities.  Maine Snowmobile and ATV clubs encourage this type of education and smart usage of the land in order to help maintain Maine's unique system of open access to trails on private lands.

Tread Lightly! offers periodic training sessions throughout the country for those interested.  A full list of programs information is available at the Tread Lightly! website.

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Fall Foliage Adds Pop to New England Vacations

Friday, October 1, 2010 by Northern Outdoors Staff
Maine Back Road, September 2010, The Forks, MaineWhether visitors are headed to Maine for the last release of the season for Dead River Rafting, to play at Maine ATV Trails and resort adventures or to try their feet at Hut to Hut hiking trips, fall is the time to really savor being here.

From the interstate to two lane black top to the gravel backroads, seemingly endless waves of color cover the landscape.

Lakes and rivers reflect the trees, sometimes making it hard to know where land begins and water ends.  Kennebec River rafting through the Kennebec River Gorge this time of year is nothing short of spectacular.  Even just sitting on the porch of a rental cabin, sipping a hot drink and listening to the breeze in the leaves and watching them fall is a special time. 

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Northern Outdoors profiled in

Friday, December 18, 2009 by Northern Outdoors Staff recently carried a profile of Northern Outdoors including a  brief history and background on the company and its decision earlier this year to cater to ATV's and UTV's looking for a convenient base-camp from which to explore Maine's extensive network of ATV Trails.

Northern Outdoors is long established as one of Maine's most popular one-stop Snowmobile Resorts and is now aiming to appeal to powersports enthusiasts year-round with the addition of a spring / summer / fall spur trail which connects to Maine's extensive network of over 6,000 miles of dedicated ATV trails. 

For more information on Northern Outdoors visit or call 800-765-7238

Maine Kennebec River - Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway

Saturday, October 17, 2009 by Northern Outdoors Staff
Maine Kennebec River Old Canada Road National Scenic BywayCruising north out of Skowhegan on U.S. Route 201, you top a hill and a view opens up before you - mountains roll to the horizon and the sky doubles in size.  On your left, in a grassy area, is a sign announcing you are now driving on the Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway.  A few hundred feet past the sign is an unmarked turn onto a gravel road that twists up to a picnic pavilion and another spectacular view.  Everything is new and this is obviously the beginnings of a larger project -  below the picnic area you can see signs of work in the woods. where walking trails are in the process of being cut.  Hmmm...a place to return to and explore some more on future trips.  Informational plaques on stands offer information about the mountains before you and the history of the area, it's clear they are the first of many you can stop and read along 201 north.

Breath in the view for a while, then continue north, into history, into wilderness and into adventure.  A National Scenic ByWay has to be more that a pretty drive - it has to be a route with history significant to the region and offer much to see and do.  The Old Canada Road is a prime example, with historical markers, spectacular scenery, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure from Kennebec River rafting, ATV trails and resorts, and Hut to Hut Hiking trips to wintertime Maine snowmobile vacations.  The houses and towns along the way are small and hardy, the people tough and friendly, the journey worth taking!

Maine Family Vacation Surprise

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 by Northern Outdoors Staff
Benedict Arnold Historical Marker Kennebec River MaineDriving up 201 toward Northern Outdoors on a New England vacation adventure, Wyman Lake and the Kennebec River hug the right side of the road for long stretches.  There are several unmarked turnouts, and one vaguely marked 'Historic Site'.  A small brown sign points the way to a narrow gravelled pullout with room for maybe two cars.  The historic marker there is simple, a plaque mounted on a small boulder on a bluff overlooking the Kennebec.  The view of the river is more impressive than the marker, but once you take a few moments to read, surprise takes hold.

Who crossed the Kennebec River at this lovely spot, and marched up the very route you are driving on the way to your Dead River rafting trip Benedict Arnold - on his way to fight the British in Quebec!  What is this?  A moment not only in Maine history, but the history of our country? A surprise find in an area of Maine known more for Maine ATV trails and resorts designed for outdoor adventure.  So when you're driving up see us at Northern Outdoors - take a moment to stop at this site and feel the history!

Maine 2008 Fall Foliage: Magnificent!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 by Northern Outdoors Staff
Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort Fall FoliageIt's officially proclaimed - Maine's official government fall foliage report website is saying that this 2008 season is expected to have brilliant foliage colors.  Every year Maine has a weekly report on foliage colors that starts in early September and runs through October.  Maine's season is one of the earliest in the US, thanks to its northern climate. We are watching the colors begin to change here at Northern Outdoors - we are in the "thick of the great North Woods" of course!
Read the full report on the site

We still have Maine cabin rentals available for quick fall getaways and Maine family vacations, including lakeside and trailside cabins, and riverside campsites. Our peak fall foliage October lodging special is 35% off all accommodations from October 6th-31st, at our Adventure Resort.  Adventure vacations are still available with classic New England whitewater rafting offered through October 6 and ATV trails & tours, fishing, and hiking available all through October.

Northern Outdoors ATV Trail Report

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 by Northern Outdoors Staff
Fall is here! This is the first posting of the new bi-weekly Northern Outdoors ATV Trail Report from The Forks, Maine. We hope you find it useful.
  • Northern Outdoors Maine ATV trailsThe Maine ATV trails from The Forks south to Bingham, west to Eustis, east to Greenville, and north to Jackman are in good condition, dried out from earlier big rains in early August.
  • The new Northern Outdoors ATV Spur Trail is still closed during the week due to logging operations. It is open from Friday through Sunday, and closed Monday-Thursday. All riders from Northern Outdoors will need to trailer their ATV to access trails during the week.
  • Gas fuel is now available for sale at Northern Outdoors.
  • The local Forks Maine ATV Club is Lake Moxie ATV Riders.
  • The local Forks area Maine ATV Trailmaster is Dave Greenleaf.
  • Area ATV Trail Maps are available at Northern Outdoors. We are also working to get them online.
We will update this report every two weeks, and also post a link on our ATV Trails and Tours section of our Northern Outdoor’s website.

For more information about Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort and ATV offerings, visit northernoutdoors.comBook your lodging accommodations now and lock in 2007 rates for the rest of 2008. Visit our Resort Specials for more info on Fall savings.

ATV Trail Riding Etiquette

Thursday, September 4, 2008 by Northern Outdoors Staff
This is the last entry in our interview series with Jim Lane, President of A.T.V. Maine, the statewide non-profit organization representing all affiliated ATV clubs in Maine. According to Jim, you can ride 8½ months of the year in Maine, depending on the trail location. Riding season typically starts in later May (after mud season) and goes into December (winter snowfall permitting). Clubs can choose to close trails to protect the landowners’ land during inclement weather.
  1. Ride with your headlights on at all times. This helps other riders see you easily, is important in inclement weather, and can even warn animals of upcoming  riders.
  2. As you approach machines coming from the opposite direction, give them the hand signal of how many machines are behind you (just like in snowmobiling). For example, a closed fist means there are zero riders behind you.
  3. Only a marked trail is a legal trail. It is imperative that ATV vacationers in Maine stay exclusively on marked trails.
Visit Northern Outdoors for more information about Maine ATV Trails, Tours, and Resort.

Maine ATV Trails and Private Landowners

Thursday, September 4, 2008 by Northern Outdoors Staff
Insights into Maine’s ATV Trails. Part 4 of our interview series with Jim Lane, President of A.T.V. Maine.

If you are from Maine, or are already a Maine snowmobiler, then you likely already understand the very different circumstances of trail systems in the state of Maine, compared to most other states. If you aren’t from Maine, then these Maine ATV Trail Insights are REALLY IMPORTANT. Jim explained why landowner issues are so important to Maine’s ATV industry.
  1. Most of Maine lands, forests, and trails are privately owned, (by large paper companies actually). There are very few public lands, Forest Service lands, etc. in Maine.
  2. This means that most ATV trails (and snowmobile trails) are located on private land, and good relations with landowners is of paramount importance.
  3. This is why A.T.V.Maine exists -  to facilitate trail access and good relations between landowners, the state of Maine, and the ATV-riding  community.
  4. There are over 6,000 miles of active legal trails in the state of Maine. Trails change frequently, and very few maps are available online.
  5. Only a marked trail is a legal trail. It is imperative that ATV vacationers in Maine stay exclusively on marked trails.
In Maine a trail is only legal if meets certain standards:
  1. Moose on the ATV trail near Northern Outdoors Adventure ResortThe trail has to be signed and maintained by a registered ATV Club:
  2. The ATV Club must file specific club paperwork with Maine’s Department of Conservation and Off Road Vehicle Department,
  3. The club must have 3 officer positions: a President, a Secretary/Treasurer, and a Trailmaster. Of these 3 roles, the Trailmaster is the most important.
  4. To be a legal Club, the club must maintain a minimum of 5 miles of trail.
  5. All trails are maintained by private ATV Clubs, not by the state of Maine, Forest Service, or other government entities.
  6. The definition of a trail is: something you have to maintain that is through the woods. As a result, all types of old logging roads, dirt roads, etc. are not considered trails.
A.T.V.Maine offers critical credibility to Clubs and accountability to Landowners about responsible ATV riding and trail use.

For more information about Maine ATV Trails and Tours, or Maine's newest ATV resort, visit Northern Outdoors.

Maine's ATV Market: More from A.T.V.Maine and Jim Lane

Saturday, August 16, 2008 by Northern Outdoors Staff
This is Part 2 in 5 Part Series from our talk with A.T.V.Maine President Jim Lane in late July. 

Did You Know?
  1. Relaxing on Maine's ATV trails from Northern Outdoors, June 2008There are 65,000 registered ATV machines in the state of Maine.
  2. You don’t need an ATV license but you do have to register your ATV machine if you ride in Maine. A portion of all registration fees go to Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife to oversee enforcement and investigate all accidents and complaints. Over $1.1 million goes to Maine’s Department of Conservation to help purchase lands, educate trail users, safety programs and fund trail  maintenance and improvements. Clubs apply for grants to do trail maintenance. These grants typically cover only a part of a Club’s total costs of maintaining trails, the rest is made up of volunteer time and local fundraising
  3. Kids under age 16 have to take an ATV safety course in order to operate an ATV machine by themselves. Otherwise, an adult must ride with a child at all times.
  4. The average age of an ATVer in Maine is 54 years of age!
  5. A.T.V.Maine maintains $2 million in liability insurance coverage for ATV member Clubs and Landowners
  6. Each club gets up to $400,000 per event liability coverage, through their dues to A.T.V.Maine. Landowners are similarly protected with A.T.V.Maine liability insurance. The state of Maine maintains liability coverage for landowners at $400,000 per event, not to exceed $1.2MM per year. Landowners who participate and allow trails on their land are covered under this insurance. If a lawsuit was to develop by an ATV rider, that suit would have to be against the state of Maine. The landowner cannot even be named.  (In fact, says Jim, it has always been the ATVers who have been in the wrong, if they are riding off trails)  This agreement allows the club that has signed and maintained this trail, to act in the landowners behalf against the illegal riders and can file a complaint and then have the riders summoned to court, without having the landowner’s named. The club polices the trails and protects the landowners, it is not up to the landowner to do his or her own policing.
  7. Clubs sign a contract with each individual landowner about trail use on their lands, with the state of Maine backing each contract for registered official ATV Clubs.
  8. All ATV machines have Spark Arrestors: By law all ATV machines have to have a spark arrestor and are manufactured with them. The only way for there not to be one is if the muffler system has been altered post-purchase, by a consumer. There is a misleading USFS ad that ran this summer alleging that  ATVs cause wildfires through sparks, but in fact this is not the case.
More information from "Captain Jim" coming up from the newest Maine ATV Trails & Resort: Northern Outdoors.

A.T.V. Maine:An Interview with President Jim Lane

Saturday, August 16, 2008 by Northern Outdoors Staff
What is A.T.V. Maine?
We recently talked with Jim Lane, President of A.T.V. Maine, about Maine ATV trails  and the sport in general. A new ATV spur trail directly to Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort was officially approved earlier this spring, opening up access to hundreds of miles of exceptional ATV trails to our Northern Outdoors guests right from our cabins and resort.  Though we have years of experience as a premier snowmobiling resort in Maine, we are still  learning about ATVs. Jim has been involved with ATVs for over a decade and is an avid rider. Here’s what we found out:

A.T.V.Maine, the Alliance of Trail Vehicles of Maine, is a private, non-profit organization that represents over 100 affiliated ATV Clubs in Maine when dealing with the state, landowners, and other issues affecting ATV trails and riders in Maine.  ATVMaine has a great list of all the Maine ATV Clubs, with contact info, so you can find out detailed trail, riding, and resort information. A.T.V.Maine membership dues fund the organization’s efforts to assist Landowners and Clubs with trail issues, pro-ATV legislation, and other activities supporting responsible ATV sport.

The website opening page says it best, here it is:
A.T.V. Maine statement of Purpose

Look for more from Jim and A.T.V.Maine in upcoming blogs.

Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort Rides Into Maine ATV Trail Scene

Thursday, July 10, 2008 by Northern Outdoors Staff
Maine ATV Touring - Northern OutdoorsWe got great news early this summer at Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort in the Forks. A new ATV spur trail directly to Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort was officially approved earlier this spring, opening up access to hundreds of miles of exceptional ATV trails to our Northern Outdoors guests. The new trail connects to Western Maine’s great riding up to Jackman to the north, Greenville to the northeast, Bingham to the south, and of course, to beautiful Moxie Lake and on past to Moosehead Lake. What guests are saying about our area riding so far is that it offers fantastic loop rides, instead of out and back rides, which makes for better touring.

Though we have years of experience as a premier snowmobiling resort in Maine, we are still learning about ATVs. We now have fuel available for sale to ATV riders, just as we do in the winter to snowmobile riders.  We are working on maps for our area and offering GPS coordinates of the great touring options. Our resort makes a perfect basecamp for extended touring, with many lodging options from camping to luxury cabins, a microbrewery and brewpub, swimming pool, game room, and more. Coming up we’ll be blogging about our recent interview with Jim Lane, the President of A.T.V.Maine, who offers tips, resources, and insights about Maine ATVing. We will also hear from one of our guests who is big on ATVing in Maine as a great Family Vacation.  Check back often.
Ride safe, be respectful of landowners, and have fun! 

Maine Rafting and Adventure Vacations

Friday, July 4, 2008 by Northern Outdoors Staff
Maine Adventure VacationsHappy July 4th weekend! Welcome to our newest blog for Northern Outdoors. This blog is all about rafting and adventure vacations in Maine. We’ll share tips and resources about things to do on your New England vacation with family and friends. With current fuel prices at an all time high of over $4/gallon today, affordable vacations closer to home are more important than ever.  That’s where a Maine family vacation, Girlfriend Getaway or Mancation (the Guy’s Getaway version) can be an ideal solution.  

Northern OUtdoors Lakeside Resort CenterOur Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort is located in the heart of Maine’s best rivers, lakes, and trails. Only a few hours from Boston, Western Maine is easy and cost effective to get to. Our comfortable resort offers lodging for every budget and taste from luxury North Woods cabins and lakeside cottages to riverside campsites and cabin tents.  A swimming pool, game room, brewpub, big main lodge with a fireplace, and more, welcome you. Our newest addition this season is an ATV spur trail that links our lodge directly to the extensive Maine ATV trails network.

We started rafting in 1976, in fact, we were the very first rafting company inDead River Rafting: Special Releases Maine (see more Northern Outdoors history), and have a long record of setting industry standards for quality, safety, and professional guide training. We think we have the best whitewater rafting in New England on our nearby Kennebec, Penobscot, and Dead Rivers. (Yes, of course we are biased - we live here year-round and love it here!) Choose from easy family floats trips to exciting Class IV and IV+ whitewater thrills, May to October.  
The Forks Resort Center - Northern OutdoorsWe’ll keep you updated on what’s happening at Northern Outdoors this season. Visit also our Adventure Blog for the latest press on Northern Outdoors. When you don’t see recent blog entries from us, it’s because we’re on the river, on the trail, or relaxing at our classic New England lodge by the fireplace with one of our Kennebec River Brewery microbrews. (Yes, we have our own microbrewery on-site. We started it years ago because one of our owners has a passion for specialty beers.) “Ayup” – as they say in Maine – this is a special place. Hope to see you here!