Great Trip! Lots of Fun!

Monday, June 10, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

I had a great time on my rafting trip on the Kennebec! Northern Outdoors was a pleasant experience all around. The lodging accommodations were nice, even had AC!

The food from the Pub was very good, especially the Lobster Mac and Cheese! The beer from the brewery was also exceptional! I absolutely loved the Penobscot Porter!

I would recommend Northern Outdoors to anyone and I think I will be back again soon for another trip!

Nick E
Amesbury, Massachusetts

Rating: 5 *****

Kennebec River Maine Whitewater Rafting

Kennebec River Pub & Brewery

Discover Maine Ride: Motorcycle Touring This Summer- Into Thoreau's Woods

Friday, June 7, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Staff

L-A Harley Davidson in Lewiston, Maine Creates Discover Maine Ride For Motorcycle Touring Fans This Summer

Our friends at L-A Harley-Davidson in nearby Lewiston, Maine have put together a classic Maine Touring Ride that covers the best of the state and offers the chance to win prize some great prizes. Northern Outdoors is pleased to be one of the ride's Sponsors, and one of 6 check-in stops along the ride through Maine.

ROADRUNNER Magazine covered touing in Maine back in April of 2008, but it's a gem of a story that is still relevant today. The title was "Maine: Into Thoreau's Woods". Read the full ROADRUNNER feature story here, on the motorcyling page of Northern Outdoors.  If you are planning on touring in New England this summer, come to Maine and get in on this cool ride with the chance to win a $2,013 gift card, among other prizes, from L-A Harley Davidson for turning your ridesheet in after completing your ride.

Upon picking up your 'riding card' at the L-A Harley-Davidson in Lewiston, Maine, you are all set to map out your own route to all of the six sponsored sites. Northern Outdoors is the sponsor located in western Maine at The Forks. You'll ride by beautiful Wyman Lake and know you are getting close to THe Forks, located at the confluence of the Kennebec and Dead Rivers (thus the name "The Forks").  We're ready to make you feel at home during your visit!

We are very biker-friendly here at Northern Outdoors. Getting here is easy, as we are located right on US Route 201, also known as the Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway. There is plenty of motorcycle parking in front of your own private cabin or campsite and at the lodge. We have a full service restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a full bar and on-site brewery. Accomodations are classic Maine adventure resort style log cabins or riverside campsites.

Located in western Maine's extraordinary wilderness playground, at Northern Outdoors riders have access to some of Maine's best recreation opportunities with whitewater rafting day trips, hiking, bass and flyfishing, and more. A special plus and favorite of guests is our Kennebec River Brewery - an on-site brewery with custom ales and lagers at the pub. The Kennebec River Brewery is also featured on the Maine Beer Trail.

Motorcyclists Are Welcome At Northern Outdoors!

Learn more about Northern Outdoors and accommodation options during your ride.

Learn more information on where to pick up your riding card at L-A Harley-Davidson in Lewiston, Maine.

Read more blogs about motorcycling and Northern Outdoors:

Motorcycle Riding and Rafting and Northern Outdoors.

The Quebec HOG Chapter At Northern Outdoors





Maine's Trout Fishing Secret: The Kennebec River Gorge

Thursday, June 6, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Staff

Why You Have Not YET Heard About Maine's Best Trout Fishing

We sat down with Kennebec River Angler Owner Chris Russell to explore the unique fishing opportunities in the deep gorges of the Kennebec River watershed...

"So Chris, tell us how KRA was started, and what makes your operation truly special?"

--- "Mike, Greg and I started working at Northern Outdoors in the late eighties and early nineties and today have over 20 years each of whitewater rafting experience.  We quickly became friends due to our fishing problems (only some would deem this a problem).  Over time we started fishing the Kennebec and other rivers and actually kept a lot of what we did under wraps. As with most hobbies, things got expensive and we figured we might just have a good enough product in our fisheries to sell and thus support our habits.  No one else has ever tried what we are doing because the gorge is a tricky beast to fish commercially, due to high water rafting releases and other factors that sometimes make the river too high to fish, but we knew we had a great product as it is so remote, rugged and provides complete solitude for the time we are floating it.  We decided that all these factors were worth it and KRA was born. We also collectively hate fishing in a crowd, so we make the extra effort (ie. up at 3am, meet guests at 4 am, fish till dark) to differentiate ourselves from every other guide service in Maine."

"When people think of trout fishing, one might have flashes of rivers in Montana or throughout the west, but what makes the trout fishing where you are in Maine so unique?"

--- "The 12 mile section of the Kennebec Gorge is as remote and inaccessable as it gets.  Steep canyon walls and lack of road access, plus the fact that at some point the dam is going to release water that raises the level of the river 6 - 8 feet from the level we like to fish, keeps almost all people away.  It's rare to see another angler all day while floating the gorge.  The scenery and waterway are gorgeous, raw and untouched."

"What type of trout species do you fish for?"

--- "Brook trout and Landlocked Salmon, plus we have Rainbow's and Browns in certain river sections that we guide."

"Favorite trout fishing memory?"  

--- "The first spring of the year we decided to open, I did a scouting run in the gorge and caught at least 30 large brookies, with two of them being 18 inches the other 19 inches.  We later went on to have clients catch these same two fish 10 times over two years.  Both had very recognizable marks and we ended up naming them Money and The Mutant."

"As far as a guiding service goes, how do you guys weave in strong conservation practices?"

--- "We are adamant about protecting our fisheries with Catch and Release and are extremely careful while handling and photographing our fish.  We pride ourselves on fishing where other guide services refuse to go."

The Kennebec River Angler, official fishing guides for the Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort, operate a number of trips over the course of the year, ranging from 1-2 day guided float trips, an array of drift boat trips, to a wading trip on the Roach River! Whether you are an experienced angler, or looking to try your hand at this sport, you can be confident you will be in great hands with the guys at KRA, as well as be in unforgettable river country! Maybe you too, can catch the legendary 'Money' and "Mutant' brook trout. 

Learn more about Northern Outdoors official fly fishing partner, Kennebec River Angler here.


Spring Fever

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

It was a fabulous day!
My friend Stephanie and I left Portland at 5:15 a.m. and enjoyed the scenic ride up, getting more excited the closer we got. From the moment we drove up in front, I knew this was going to be a magical adventure. The rustic lodge was perfect and all the staff who greeted us were so warm and inviting. It felt like being part of the family! We enjoyed a hardy breakfast and checking out the wonderful photos of the early logging days. Ryan came over to chat and tell us about the day. We instantly liked him and felt our last lingering anxiety melting away.

Next, all of the "rafters" gathered together for the entertaining orientation. It was wonderful to meet our boat mates and build some cohesion. The whole process of filling our paperwork and getting our equipment was very well organized and soon we were bouncing our way up to the Harris Station Dam listening to Ryan and Trevor's stories, sprinkled with some of the history and local points of interest. By the time we were divided into the two teams and had practiced our maneuvers, we were ready to tackle our first whitewater. Dispite his jovial nature, Ryan was very professional and encouraging. Each challenge prepared us for the next. Getting a chance to jump off and get hauled back in removed the fear of getting knocked off. I loved the added treats of sitting in the waterfall, cannonballing from the ledge and the playful competition the the other team! Trevor and Ryan graciously took pictures for me to enjoy that the photographer couldn't get. I smile each time I look at them.

Dispite the amazing few hours on the water, by the time we got back, I was ready to peal off my wetsuit, and ease into the hottub before enjoying the delicious steak lunch and try the raspberry beer with my new friends. I was a bit sore the next day but it connected me to the experience I will treasure for the next 28 years!

I plan to make the trip again in the fall as the leaves are turning!
Thanks so much guys! Have a great season!

Larry H
Portland, Maine

Rating: 5 *****

Kennebec River Whitewater Rafting

Early season rafting deals in Maine

Spring Dead River Release

Thursday, May 23, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

Our crew of 6 and sometimes 8 have rafted all of the rivers that NO guides in Maine, a few times each, so we were excited to hit the Dead for an early, cold, high-water release.

We arrived early Friday afternoon, moved into our cabin and immediately went up to the lodge for some Big Mamma Blueberries. After a few canning jars later, we had dinner, more Blueberries and hung around until we hit the sack.

Spent the day on Saturday rafting the Dead at 7000cfs and had a blast. The Dead is always good because of the continuous whitewater. Needless to say, not a lot of dead water to paddle through. We also braved the elements in a Diablo - definitely worth it and would do it again. To be honest, we were a little bummed that the high-water didn't seem to add any intensity to the hits as we had done a few times before at 6000cfs, but we had a great time nonetheless. Luke was awesome again as our guide and got us into some surfing and perfect lines during the trip. Great guy and guide.

We ended the trip with a nice lunch, watched the video and headed home to spend time with our wives for the rest of Mother's Day wknd.

Overall, great 36 hours were spent with NO again. Cabin was nice, rafting was great and all of the guides and support staff were awesome. Can't wait to head back for a little daddy / daughter trip on the Kennebec later this year.


Kevin L
Pelham, NH

Rating: 4 ****

Spring Dead River Rafting

Dead River Rafting

Friday, May 17, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

I've been up to Millinocket with Northern Outdoors a couple of times.

The last time I did the Dead it we used a different company, it was my first time rafting and it wasn't quite the experience I'd hoped it would be. I went back to the Dead with Northern Outdoors and was extremely pleased with the whole experience.

The river was a blast, the guides (some I remember from my Penobscot trips) are outgoing, patient and extremely helpful. The brew pub with foosball, a pool table and the most delicious porter going is quite a bonus during a camping excursion.

I'll be back later in the season to run down the Kennebec, see you soon.

Providence, Rhode Island

Rating: 5 *****

Dead River Rafting, Maine

Kennebec River Pub & Brewery

Northern Outdoors Launches New Mobile-Friendly Maine Deer Hunting & Fishing Site

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Staff

Maine Deer Hunting & Fishing - Northern OutdoorsNorthern Outdoors recently launched an all new, mobile-friendly website showcasing our expanded Maine hunting and fishing trip offerings. The first website was - well, the very first website ever for our hunting trips. It stayed that way for a few more years than we care to admit! So, you can imagine how nice it is to have a brand spanking new, mobile-friendly website that works on any device you care to use, from smart phones to tablets to laptops, notebooks, and desktops! Ok, on to the real info - about the kinds of hunting and fishing trips Northern Outdoors offers.

Hunting is a time-honored tradition in Maine's North Woods, and Northern Outdoors has become Maine's #1 Hunting Outfitter & Lodge over the four decades of our operations. Beginning in 1976, Northern offered fall deer hunts for Maine's renowned trophy whitetail deer, and expanded into fishing soon thereafter. In fact, the inventor of the famous Banjo Minnow is none other than Wayne Hockmeyer, co-founder of Northern Outdoors.  

In fact, not many of our rafting and snowmobiling guests may actually know that Northern Outdoors is one of the top ten trophy whitetail deer hunting outfitters in all of North America. With traditions like these,we are indeed pleased to showcase an expanded commitment to hunting and fishing through our newly launched, mobile-friendly website at In addition to Trophy Buck Hunting, are also excited to introduce custom bird & small game hunts and moose hunting in 2013. The new website features information on all Maine’s hunting seasons: Whitetail Deer, Moose, Bird and Small Game, as well as information on Bass, Trout, & Landlocked Salmon fishing seasons. All-inclusive professional Guided Deer Hunting packages start at $1050 for a week, $600 for 3 day Deer Hunts. Upland Bird Hunts start at $400 for a full day for 1-2 hunters.

"Northern Outdoors has a tradition of serving serious trophy whitetail deer hunters for almost 40 years. Our Maine Master Guides, full-service hunting lodge, and tremendous location in western Maine, home to Maine’s famous trophy bucks, cause hunters to return year after year to hunt with us." - says Russell Walters, President, Northern Outdoors. 

We have also expanded our offerings for both serious and novice anglers by partnering with local guide service Kennebec River Anglers to offer first class bass fishing and fly fishing trips. These trips include Professional Registered Maine Guides, all gear, transportation, and more. They start at $179pp for half day trips and $350-$400 for full day trips. Anglers choose between fishing for Maine’s famous fighter - the smallmouth bass, or spectacular fly fishing for trout and landlocked salmon in western Maine’s rugged Kennebec and Dead Rivers. 

Read the full press release here, about our new website and expanded hunting and fishing trips. 

Also, visit our new website at to see for yourself what kinds of hunting and fishing you can do in western Maine. 


2012 Maine Whitetail Deer Harvest Up 13% - Means Good Hunting For 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 by Northern Outdoors Staff

The MDIWF (State of Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife) reports that the 2012 Maine whitetail deer season ended with a total harvest of 21,365 deer, representing an increase of 13% over the 2011 harvest of 18,839. Increases in the harvest were seen in all wildlife management districts. The highlight of the 2012 season, and testament to the recovering deer numbers, was the jump in the overall harvest of bucks between 2011 and 2012. A total of 15,271 adult bucks were harvested in Maine this past season, representing an increase of 2,473 deer over the 2011 season (i.e., 19% increase). Indeed, the overall buck harvest increased within all 29 Wildlife Management Districts (WMDs).

The health of the deer herd is good news for Maine’s hunting community, and it's good for hunting outfitters too. At Northern outdoors, we are pround of our 40 year tradition of Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting and are pleased to showcase our expanded commitment to hunting and fishing through a newly launched, mobile-friendly website, at In addition to Trophy Buck Hunting, we are also excited to introduce this year custom bird & small game hunts and, moose hunting.   The new website features information on all Maine’s hunting seasons, Whitetail Deer, Moose, Bird, and Small Game, as well as information on bass, trout, & landlocked salmon fishing seasons. All inclusive professionally guided deer hunt packages start at $1050 for a week, $600 for 3 day hunts.

Jim Yearwood, Vice President noted “This past winter did not stress the deer population significantly, we believe this only supports the continued growth of Maine’s deer population in 2013. It's great news for sportsmen planning to hunt in Maine.”

About Northern Outdoors:

Established in 1976, Northern Outdoors has a 40-year tradition of Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting from its lodge in The Forks. Northern Outdoors is a four-season adventure resort and winner of Yankee Magazine's 2011 Best New England Adventures Award. In addition to hunting and fishing, Northern Outdoors offers whitewater rafting, hiking, and ATV rentals in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter. The resort includes private cabins, riverside camping, and the Kennebec River Brewery, featured on the Maine Beer Trail. Northern Outdoors is located 2.5 hours from Portland Maine, 2.5 hours from Quebec City, Canada, and 4 hours from Boston, on Route 201, The Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway.

1/2 Day Fishing Trip 10/05/12

Monday, November 5, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

My father and I participated in the 1/2 Day Guided Fishing Trip, rafting on the Kennebec River. After a top notch breakfast at the lodge we set out for the well planned shuttle. The weather was the perfect fall day. Our guide Greg was as pleasant as a person could be and worked the raft and tackle as an expert.

We caught a few late season small mouth bass. We created memories than we will always crerish. An excellent value.

Thanks Northern Outdoorfor a great day!

Max M
West Bath, Maine

Rating: 5 *****

Guided Maine Fishing

Octoberfest Kennebec River

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

To sum up my experience....FANTASTIC!!!!' I have rafter in the Canadian Rockies before, but the overall experience and quality of outfitter far exceede my earlier experience! Nick was an excellent who took us on every wave! Where else do you finish your weekend by blowing up a 400lb Pumkin? Northern Outdoors... Job well done!!!

Bryce F
Moncton, New Brunswick

Rating: 5 *****

Fall Rafting in Maine

Nale Wedding

Saturday, October 6, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

Recently I celebrated my wedding at Northern Outdoors Lakeside Cabins site. We met with the Event Planning team on New Years Eve, and got married in September 2012.

The past nine months of planning with Dawn and her team was amazing. Being from Maine and familiar with Northern Outdoors as a rafting and hunting outfit, I wasn't sure what to expect from them in terms of wedding planners. But in the end, ALL of our expectations were met, and often exceeded.

The staff was very warm and fun to work with. The food was great as was the beer we chose from the Kennebec River Brewerey which is located at Northern Outdoors main lodge. Kevin and his staff never said NO.

Our guests will be talking about our wedding for a long time. They couldn't get over the hospitality that Northern provided, from shuttle services, food service and overall positive attitudes. I have received so many compliments on the food offering. The food presentaion was clean and visually stunning. The beer was also a focal point of the wedding as our guests got to try many different flavors responsibly. It isn't very often a couple can reflect on their wedding and be 100% satisfied, but I can honestly say Northern Outdoors will not dissappoint. I would reccomend them to anyone that wants to experience a Maine destination wedding!!

Michael N
Standish, Maine

Rating: 5 *****

Maine Adventure Wedding

Kennebec River Brewery

GoPro Captures Fall High Water Maine Rafting Action on the Kennebec and Dead Rivers

Thursday, September 27, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Staff















Our GoPro camera team captures the CLOSEUP Fall rafting action on high water Kennebec and Dead River rafting trips Sept 15th and 22nd. This week's video of the week includes both rivers, video boater kayaking (underwater) action, and some tasty Octoberfest brew tasting at Northern's own Kennebec River Brewery post-rafting.

There's still space on the Oct 6th final Dead River and Oct 7 final Kennebec River trips of 2012! For more info on the October 6th Raft n Brews weekend with the last release of the season on the Dead River at 6000CFS and the Kennebec River at 4800CFS, see here:

Raft 'n Brews/ Octoberfest Weekend
Dead River Rafting
Kennebec River Rafting



Tuesday, September 18, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

Kennebec River Trip

Northern Outdoors Deserves a big congratulations for making my party of 8 whitewater adventure a MAJOR SUCCESS!

The trip was so fun we have already expanded our next trip to several rafts.... More people more fun right?

The trip was amazing and a true delight. The shore lunch was out of this world and way beyond expectations! Our river guide "DAWN" was a absolute professional and the best river guide I have ever went white water rafting with, kudos to DAWN!

Loved the trip, well organized and exceeded expectations by 3

A big THANKS to Northern Outdoors for sharing this awesome experience with the best staff and services.


Scott A

Rating: 5 *****

Kennebec River Whitewater Rafting

An Outstanding Rafting Adventure

Thursday, September 6, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

As a kid, my husband starting rafting with Northern Outdoors when you first opened in the mid '70's! This was our 3rd rafting trip with you as a family, with our friends and their kids. WE LOVE IT EVERY TIME!

We requested Chad as a guide since he is a completely awesome person and guide. We put the kids in the boat with him! Adults had Nick as a guide who was FANTASTIC-a true professional who clearly loves his job.

We love the overnight experience: the beer, the food and your amazing staff. Thanks for helping us to make such special family memories.

Kathleen K
Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Rating: 5 *****

Kennebec River Family Rafting Adventure

Family Whitewater Fun!

Thursday, September 6, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

We have been up to Northern Outdoors three times now. We have done everything from camp with Tents, used our RV/Horse Trailer, and rented their beautiful Town Houses overlooking a private pond. The Facilities are as good as they get for a adventure-focused operation. The main lodge has a HUGE hot tub, heated swimming pool (with indoor in-out for wintertime), and their own Brewery! (We love the whitewater-wheat). The staff is talkative and willing to help in whatever way they can.

The rafting itself could not be any better. The guides are trained and vetted and know the rivers well enough to direct the raft without help of the paddlers at all. The lunch on the Kennebec is outstanding. They cook your steak, chicken, salmon, or Veggie burger right there along with rice and pasta salad. Hydration in the form of water, ice tea, lemonade, hot cocoa and cowboy coffee are also available while on the river.
This is a top-notch operation, and any adventure-seeking family will find all they want at whatever price-level.

We plan on returning to this great week-end getaway (for us) multiple times.

Jess H

East Falmouth, Massachusetts

Rating: 5 *****

Family Whitewater Fun

Kennebec River Brewery Tips For Keeping Your Beer Growlers Fresh!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Staff

Growlers' popularity is growing gangbusters over the last 3 years since Maine loosened up it's Growler law.  The Maine Growler Bill passed on September 12, 2009, creating much happiness for local breweries and brewpubs and their devoted patrons. A Growler is half-gallon (64 ounces) glass jug that consumers buy upfront and then refill for a relatively nominal fee. Not only are Growlers a financially fit method of buying and selling your favorite brew, but, they are eco-friendly and a fantastic means of buying local.

So, how do you keep a Growler clean?
To keep your Growler fresh for the next “filler up please,” upon pouring your last savory drop of brew, rinse the thick glass jug with hot water – give it some sturdy swirls – and then dry upside-down. It’s a good idea to wash the cap with hot water as well.

We are pretty big here at KRB at telling our guests to avoid using dish detergent, as it contains surfactants, which are non-biodegradable components that leave behind particles which can (and do) accumulate over time. If you find funkiness (ie: organic matter) in your Growler, don’t fear – but, don’t ignore it either. Give your bottle another hot soak and use a bottlebrush to scrub away the matter.

Those feeling the need for uber-cleaning can use environmentally friendly home-brewing cleaning products like 5-Star PBW (Powered Brewery Wash) ( or try Star San ( Northern Brewer carries bottle brushes as well, and we have also found that Sigg's high performance bottle brush works in our Growlers too.

Kennebec River Brewery - Northern Outdoors GrowlersGrowlers come in different styles, and can be clear glass or brown glass. Northern Outdoors had clear glass Growlers initially, and we switched over to Brown Growler jugs this season. (Look at our KRB page on FB for more pictures.)

Enjoy that Growler!

Kennebec River Brewery
Our KRB Beers (All are available for Growlers!)
Kennebec River Brewery on Facebook
Raft n Brews: Octoberfest Whitewater Rafting and KRB Weekend



Had a great time

Monday, August 27, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

The rafting was awesome, the guides were great fun to be around. Nick, and James for day 2. The pub was fun, great beer - the whitewater wheat was my favorite.

The cabin was cramped for 8 people with the awful fold out mini bed. I would highly recommend an upgrade on that fold out, it's only fit for kids.

Made a nice go-pro video from the rafting - feel free to use it.

Justin B
Manchester, Connecticut

Rating: 5 *****

Kennebec River Whitewater Rafting

Bucket list

Monday, August 27, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

We were 76 people this year.

All responses back to me to date have been positive. Kids and adults all loved the raft trip.

We had 4 guitars playing Friday and Saturday night at different locations on site. Great music, great friends, great time.

I finally saw my first moose in the wild (actually 2) at 0500 hrs Sunday morning 30 mins north on route 201. Thank GOD for my girlfriend riding shot gun and a good flashlight at 0500 hrs.
Check one more item off my bucket list.

See you next year with more of my friends.

Al B

Mansfield, Massachusetts

Rating: 5 *****

Group Rafting on The Kennebec River

Fun with friends and family

Monday, August 27, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Trip Reviews

This being my own 11th whitewater trip, several with your company, I brought my own 3 children, a friend who has a husband deployed in Afghanistan and 3 older young men, one of whom we were celebrating his leaving for boot camp. We had Brent as our guide and he did an amazing job of making sure we had the most fun on our trip. He allowed for all of us to experience everything our trip should be.

We stayed in cabin tents, and although I would much rather had stayed in a cabin as I have before, it was sufficient for the boys needs and they enjoyed the camping part of that. As you always have, our trip was over and above what we expected, and we have already planned another trip, this time to the Penobscot to include my friends husband as he will be returning to the US, and hopefully a leave for our young friend who left for boot camp. I also have another Kennebec run planned with some old friends whom I have traveled with many times to your resort.

So thank you as always for having us, and thank you so very much to Brent, for assessing our needs and making sure we had the best time possible.

Cynthia F
Rochester, New Hampshire

Rating: 5 *****

Kennebec RIver Family Rafting Adventure

Whitewater, Wilderness, and Brewery - A Perfect Combination

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 by Northern Outdoors Staff

Maine Whitewater Rafting, Wilderness and Brewery - Northern OutdoorsWe know that whitewater, wilderness, and an honest-to-goodness real microbrewery is indeed a fantastic combination - we get to live that threesome every day from May into October! (We substitute snowmobile trails for whitewater in winter.) Northern Outdoors is not only the only rafting company or adventure resort in Maine with its own microbrewery onsite, but it's the only one in New England, and (sources close to us suggest, but have not confirmed yet), all of the US!

Maine whitewater rafting on the dam-controlled Kennebec, Penobscot, and Dead Rivers rivals the best whitewater anywhere. These rivers are big (4800CFS and more), technical in the right places (think Penobscot Cribworks Class V section!), and offer guaranteed water all season long according to their scheduled dam releases.

Maine has more trees than people. That's a shortcut way to say Maine has vast forests and mountainous regions, along with untouched rivers and pristine lakes that offer unparalleled outdoor recreation adventures. Add to whitewater and wilderness our very own Kennebec River Brewery, featured on the Maine Beer Trail, and located at our adventure resort - and you have a getaway made in heaven for beer enthusiasts and adventurous souls.

Read more about this unqiue brewery, wildernesess and whitewater combination in this our recent press release here.

There's still time to get in on whitewater, wilderness, and the Kenenbec River Brewery - now through October 7th for this season!